Jersey Shore Medical Alliance

Welcome to The Jersey Shore Medical Alliance – the vision of Dr. Brian Sokalsky to bring comprehensive and high-quality wellness, sports and pain management, regenerative and aesthetic services to the Jersey Shore community. Dr. Sokalsky is joined by Marna Cutler, DO, and a hand-selected team of experienced medical professionals who are dedicated to three things: evaluation and education of your problem, effective treatment and unparalleled service.

HSA and HFA Plans Accepted!

Our goal is to keep you feeling and looking great. Whether it’s an immediate injury, a chronic issue or a preventive measure, we offer superior one-on-one treatment options with the latest in advanced therapies. We’re the area’s leader in medical wellness and non-surgical treatments. This variety of treatment methods provides you with the opportunity to choose the best course of action and more effective results.

Sports Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Aesthetics and Wellness

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