Medical Facials

Medical Facial

Each of our facials are customized to help patients get the skin tone and texture they are looking for. Whether you want to fade the appearance of hyperpigmentation or you want a glowing complexion for a special event, discover the difference a medical facial can make.

What is a Medical Facial?

A medical facial is a non-surgical skincare treatment that can be tailored to help target your specific complexion issues. Medical facials can be as simple as hydrating dry skin or as advanced as exfoliating away the top layer of damaged dermal tissue.

At Jersey Shore Aesthetics and Wellness, we offer a wide range of results-driven Jan Marini Medical Facials.

Refresh C-Esta Facial
This Medical facial for dehydrated and stressed skin offers gentle exfoliation, refines skin texture and promotes skin smoothness. Your skin will be replenished and vitalized. Nourishing Vitamin C and antioxidants add lift, tone and contour to the skin. This facial provides visible results.

Medical Facial


Acne Facial
The 60-minute Jan Marini Acne Facial is the ideal treatment for oily, acne-prone and hormonal, congested skin of all ages. Dermatologist recommended; this therapeutic facial deep cleanses and purifies the skin by removing pollutants and toxins, improving blood circulation, relieving congestion and providing extraction if needed. Blue LED Light Therapy treatment is included.

Rejuvenate (Retinol) Facial
The Rejuvenate (Retinol) Facial is a 60-minute medical grade anti-aging facial for mature and fatigued skin. This facial offers a gentle cleanse that refreshes, revitalizes and boosts skin firmness. It includes a high concentration of retinol. This powerful, corrective addresses fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and acne for a radiant appearance.

Luminate Facial
Who does not want brighter skin? Get a gorgeous “look at me” glow with the Jan Marini Luminate Facial. Powerful antioxidants combined with lactic and mandelic acids will help improve the appearance of skin spots and skin discoloration for a brighter complexion.

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