South Jersey PRP Injections

South Jersey PRP injectionsThe Jersey Shore Medical Alliance also provide South Jersey PRP injections. PRP is Platelet-rich plasma therapy. This type of treatment is a form of regenerative medicine that can keep the functions and increase the body’s ability to heal tissue. When undergoing PRP injections, the patient will have their blood drawn from the body, spun down and then separated by a centrifuge. This takes the platelets, concentrates them, creating plasma rich enough to heal the body. The richness of these platelets make them strong enough that once injected to the afflicted area, the body recognizes them as a new wave of platelets, igniting a new healing cycle.

PRP is often recommended by doctors to treat soft tissue injuries and joint problems involving the spine, hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, and wrists. These areas are often bent and warps in the wrong direction in accidents and sporting injuries. Arthritis and bursitis have been treated using PRP, as well as joint instability, muscle/ligament/tendon tears, sprains, and tendinitis.

At The Jersey Shore Medical Alliance, we provide in-office PRP injections. Depending on the severity of injury or affliction and how fast your body can heal after injection, you may need one treatment, or several treatments over the course of a few months.

Contact US for a consultation, if you’re interested in learning more about South Jersey PRP injections.

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